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Where we are...Kaladham

Who we are, what we do

'We' is a loose collective, and we'll use it loosely here. We are a diverse group of creative people—film-makers, painters, sculptors, writers, actors—who happen to believe that the much misunderstood word, 'art', can also stand for something inclusive. Something that we can all engage with--and create, when the environment is right..

We believe you have art “in you”. We would like to help you tap into your passion, discover it.

We speak a different language from conventional institutions.

We have a purpose, not a syllabus.

We are open to participants across disciplines, professions and age groups. We aim is to equip them with a new skill and enrich them with knowledge they can access without having to take a long break from their regular lives.

Artists, filmmakers and writers will design and conduct short courses/workshops for participants --open a window to a world that they may not have been able to access. The underlying philosophy is that creative fields are by definition 'open' fields. There is no reason why a student of physics, or an accountant, cannot also be a poet or a potter.

Cinema, creative writing, painting, sculpting, performing arts, animation and design, are all part of our plans. In a line, we would like to make contemporary arts more familiar, better understood and most importantly, more inclusive.

We welcome you to our world. Our arts are open.


‘Kaladham’ (seen in the picture above) is a workplace for a community of National Award winning artists. It was created and developed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. A number of eminent artists from across the country have their working studios and homes in Kaladham. It has a sprawling campus and an inspiring atmosphere and provides the ideal setting for creative work.

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