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Calling all aspiring filmmakers and cinema buffs. We have only 8 more places remaining for our intensive film course Ctrl Alt Cinema. We have received a large number of excellent applications, and our panel has extended offer letters to outstanding candidates. We have also received a number of requests to extend the application deadline for Ctrl Alt Cinema. So here is some good news: The new deadline is June 20. 
However, be advised that the earlier you apply the better your chances. Also, we have received applications from cities spread all across India and abroad; applying early will help you plan your logistics better and give us more time to make your stay with us both convenient and comfortable. So if you haven't already, apply now! 

Where we are, What we do


'We' is a loose collective, and we'll use it loosely here. We are a diverse group of creative people—film-makers, painters, sculptors, writers, actors—who happen to believe that the much misunderstood word, 'art', can also stand for something inclusive. Something that we can all engage with--and create, when the environment is right..

We believe you have art “in you”.

We would like to help you tap into your passion, discover it.

We speak a different language from conventional institutions.

We have a purpose, not a syllabus.

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